Hard Drive Destruction

Computers store vital personal and professional data. If they fall into the wrong hands, then there could be undesirable consequences such as identity theft and corporate leaks. This issue deserves careful thought throughout ownership and especially during disposal. After all, it is after the disposal that users lose control of their former computers. It is impossible to know where these will exactly end up. Perhaps they will go to a local landfill or to another country. Maybe they will find their way to a charity or data specialist. It is better to take control today rather than roll the dice later.

Every couple of years, it becomes necessary to upgrade to new technologies. This leaves old units vulnerable due to neglect. They are often thrown away or sold haphazardly along with all the information they contain. This bad practice could lead to problems down the road. Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to delete sensitive files from a system. You may not see them anymore but these files may still be recoverable by persistent individuals with technical knowledge. A complete hard drive destruction is ideal to prevent unwanted access. Follow the correct process for peace of mind.

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Reformat and Overwrite

Some people would really like to recycle, donate, or resell their used systems. It would be great if they could keep the old drive and let the rest go. If they intend to part with the entire thing, then a few extra steps will be necessary. For non-critical files, it may be enough to reformat the drive to get rid of the data. This is a fairly simple process for those who have some technical knowhow. Others can learn how to do it by following online resources. Experts also advice overwriting all of the blocks in the drive. The more times this is done, the harder it will be to recover.

Physical Destruction

The best way to go would be to physical destroy the object. Leaving it intact creates a risky situation. Once reduced to random bits and pieces, even the most determined hacker will not be able to salvage the data contained in the drive. People can do this manually if they only have a few pieces to think about. After the reformat and overwrite, proceed to hard drive destruction to finish the job. This may prove to be harder than it seems for those who have never done it. To ensure a thorough job, leave this to the professionals with specialized high-speed shredding machines.

The pros provide full security and confidentiality. The service can be provided right away on the site itself. A video recording of the process is available upon request. The technicians who do this job are screened to ensure competency and good character. A certificate of destruction will also be given as proof of the task's completion. As for the shredded pieces, they will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. All these may seem too complicated but those who have dealt with information leaks will appreciate the thorough service.